Thursday, July 16, 2009


Every day it seems that Lacey gets more and more creative with her drawings. Just a few weeks ago her 'people' were faces with legs. She's now moved on to faces with bodies and legs. There's rarely arms, unless I remind her. They usually have hair and many times they have belly buttons. :) This was the first picture she has made that included a 'background' and 'theme', where something was actually happening in the picture. This picture in particular has a very funny twist. . . Here's Lacey talking about that picture. It's in two parts, because I wanted more details on why one of her people had a face on his tummy . . .

Here's the description of 'hungry'. . .

As soon as she told me about it, I knew which commercial she was talking about. The funny thing is, she doesn't watch that much TV. She works to earn 2 'shows' a day and her 'shows' are on Noggin, so there's no commercials. We don't even turn on the TV during the day unless she has earned a show. As soon as Brian gets home, he turns on the news and it pretty much stays on the rest of the evening. Apparently at some point, she's seen this commercial . . .

Tooooooooooooooo funny!


  1. Mitzi...when my kids were coming up, they ALWAYS stopped their otherwise nonstop running to watch commercials (WE are the poster family for 24-7 tv!).

    Makes me wonder why educators aren't required to take at least one, and probably more, marketing classes...those commercial geeks KNOW a great deal about how to get the message across in micro-sound bytes!!!!!


  2. Oh Mitzi!!! That's just too, too cute! She reminds me so much of my 3 year old niece!

    ----Rebecca Lothery

  3. LOL................I am just now reading this blog...Lacey is such a cutie-pie and that is def. a keeper for when she grows up!