Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Latest Levering News

As most of you know, Brian recently entered the job market after 13 years at the same company because of downsizing. He set to work right away looking for a new job and after about two months of hard core job searching and two interviews, we got a call which set in motion the craziness that has been our lives for the past few weeks. In a matter of a few days, we have made some pretty big decisions!

On Monday, December 14, Georgia Pacific in Emporia, VA, called Brian to offer him the job for which he had interviewed about 2 weeks prior. They wanted an answer TWO days later, on Wednesday! We did some serious internet research and found that the best place to live nearby would be Roanoke Rapids, NC which is about 15 minutes from Emporia. So we loaded up the kids and headed that way on Tuesday.

We spent the day with the sweet ladies of Wilkie Real Estate touring some gorgeous houses and great neighborhoods. The weather was nice, so we saw a ton of children out and about in the neighborhoods. EVERY single person we encountered was friendly and it felt like we met half the town while we were there! LOL The 'downtown' area was really cute and charming, plus we heard the town has received a downtown revitalization grant, so more 'charm' is on the way! I think there's even a dance studio for Lacey!

While we were in the area, Brian got a chance to tour the Georgia Pacific plant where he will be working. You've probably heard of them. If not, start looking for their paper towel dispensers in public bathrooms; they're everywhere once you start looking! :) They make paper, paper products, plywood and many other things with locations all over America. Brian will be the Plant Purchasing Manager for the Emporia plant. He will be responsible for purchasing/stocking the parts needed to keep all the equipment running. It seems like a pretty good job and they guarantee 'performance based' bonuses plus lots of growth potential. For Brian it is a career move that's just too good to refuse. And for me, it's a few more years to be home with the kids.

Needless to say, he accepted the job! He'll move up the second week of January and starts work on January 18ish. We're putting the house on the market in early February. The kids and I will stay here until we sell (so Lacey can stay in school) and my mom is coming to stay with us to help me take care of the kids and keep the house clean. ;) We've already started getting the house ready, changing faucets and light fixtures, decluttering, painting, etc. It's a wild ride in the Levering house these days- exciting and terrifying at the same time! This will definitely be a culture shock/lifestyle change for us after living in Raleigh, but I’m confident we can make the most of it! We'll keep you posted as to our progress!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Homecoming

This Thanksgiving we brought Lawson back to my hometown for the first time. It was a wonderful visit, since my sister and her family were there too. So for the first time, my family was ALL together! It was wonderful! We also took Lawson to First Baptist Church, one of the churches that prayed so hard for Lawson's recovery. As soon as the pastor figured out who he was, he came and got Lawson and carried him all around the church. He was oogled over, prayed for, and celebrated! And one of his biggest fans, Sue Kiser, finally got the chance to hold him. It was a great day! Enjoy the pics.